Take the “beyond freshness date”, the “mirror” and the “mobile friendly” tests.  The results may surprise you.

We see more and more law firms investing in their websites to update the technology platform, their design and refresh aged content.

Why?  Because they understand that whether the website is a focal point of their marketing or not, it serves a distinct purpose when clients/prospects are “checking the box” in the engagement process, or urgently trying to reach them.

Here are 3 easy tests to determine if it is time for your law firm to make an investment in updating your website:

1) The beyond freshness date (or the smell test):  Like old food in the fridge, it is really easy to figure this one out.  Simply give your website a quick review to determine if the content is current.  Check the following key areas/pages on your website:

  • Your CV/Bios page:  Is it current?
  • Attorney/Staff Listing:  Is it correct?
  • News/Articles Section: Anything posted in the last few months (years for some)?
  • Practice Areas:  Complete?  Or does it include stuff you haven’t focused on in years?
  • Offices List:  Do you still “live” there?

2) The “Mirror” Test:  When you went through the smell test process for currency, what was your reaction to the design and functionality of the website.  Was it:

  • Easy to find what you were looking for?
  • Old and tired looking?
  • A bit boring?
  • Non-descript?
  • Does it accurately reflect your firm and the practices you wish to promote?
  • Is there…  any there, there?

And, lastly… BTW, Do not discount this aspect of your site!

3) The “Mobile Friendly” test:  Does it effectively support access from a mobile device or phone?  Is it mobile responsive, or “mobile friendly”?  How can you check this? Two ways to do so below:

NOTE: some websites pass this test, but the mobile site is still not as functional or attractive as it should be.  Your eyes will tell you.

  • Simply access your website from a phone.  If you must resize the screen to read the text, or fumble with awkward navigation, your site needs an update.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  Some firms do not require their websites to be a focal point of their marketing efforts.  As a result, they tend to discount the value of a functional and attractive website.

However, think about that important client or prospect that needs to reach you while traveling or after hours and does not have your contact info readily available.  They will go to your website, react to it, and then what?

Do not make this mistake.  Think about yourself as a consumer when you land on a funky page:  What is your impression of the business, and… How quickly do you leave?

There you have it, 3 simple tests to determine the “health” of your firm’s website.

Take the 2 – 3 minutes necessary and validate how you perform against the benchmarks.  If your firm gets a passing grade, be comforted someone, or someone(s), in your firm are on top of it!

If not, call us to discuss our ideas and see what it will take in time and money to update your website.

The ProfessionalWORX Team

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