Yes, It’s time.

Well, it certainly is if you want to do it right without last minute stress.

Generalizing here, but so many times we have the greatest of intentions to:

  • Send personalized gifts to key clients;
  • Send personal greetings to key contacts;
  • Do something unique in the community;
  • Send a creative animated on-line greeting card; or
  • <Fill in the blank with your great intention>

But, unfortunately exigencies of the day get in the way, time slips by and you are left running around at the last-minute settling for something that could have been done at a much higher-level of quality had the project been given proper focus and attention.

Raise your hand if this resonates…

Below is a step by step process to guarantee you “win the” holiday card/client gifts season.  Put these tips to practice making this year’s holiday messaging as a success.

Here you go:

  • Set your goals:
    • For the purpose of illustration, assume you want to do the following this holiday season:
      • Send personalized gifts to certain contacts;
      • Send personal greetings to a different set of contacts; and
      • Send a blast email to all other contacts.
  • Create your guidelines:
    • Identify what characteristics each contact bucket has, for example:
      • Gift recipients = Revenue greater than $X, or Practice area = emerging growth area
      • Personal Message Contacts = Clients, referral sources, other lawyers, key vendors, etc.
      • Other contacts = everybody else.
  • Fill your buckets:
    • This is the time-consuming part, but an exercise that will continue to bear fruit in the future if you have the discipline to keep the information updated.
      • A database is optimal, but there are many different options available to capture this data and keep it current.
  • Set your budget:
    • You don’t need to break the bank here, but you also don’t want to have the recipient of your gift to wonder what a cheap (fill in the blank) you are either.
    • Also, try to personalize each gift.
      • If you do not have a clue how to personalize your gift for a particular contact, set a goal to get to know them better, and quickly!
  • Set your timeline:
    • When you see the associated tasks, you will understand why NOW is the time to start this project planning.
      • If you get inspired, consider recognizing the multiple upcoming holidays in this process.
        • Your contacts will take notice!
  • Create your project task list:
    • Allocate responsibility for each required task: a short list for example
      • People need to review their contacts for bucket allocation
      • Somebody must buy the gifts
      • Somebody must pick out the cards
      • Somebody must craft the email messaging
      • Somebody must shepherd the entire process
  • Manage the project to completion:
    • You can expect what you inspect and this is definitely a project, so schedule regular project updates.
  • And finally, reward those participants that made the project successful.
    • A little recognition goes a long way!

So, what is the first step of this project journey, well you just did it by reading this email.

Now take the second and third steps:

  • Schedule an internal meeting.  Have everyone read this blog post first, and come prepared with ideas; and
  • Call us for help if you need it!

Happy Planning!


​The ProfessionalWORX Team