We talk to prospects all the time that feel the only way to understand whether they are paying a fair cost for a website update is to get multiple bids.

We agree that competitive bids are a necessary time investment, but many times, they only lead to further confusion and more, not fewer, questions and overall lack of confidence in making a decision.

The best way to learn about a potential vendor and know more than just what they charge is to:

  1. See their work; and
  2. Talk to their references.

Important questions to ask:

  • Did they stick to the timeline?
  • Was there a smooth transition from sales to development resources?
  • How much time did firm personnel spend in the process?
  • Did they come in at budget?
  • Were the results what was expected?
  • How do they support their clients post live launch?

Buyer’s remorse sucks and saving money is great, but sometimes that can be very expensive.

Understanding the factors above, in addition to comparing cost, will help you ensure you make the right decision for your firm.

Protect your firm’s investment. Spend more time talking to their clients, and less time in the sales process.

Contact us for great work at an affordable cost!

How much time should we expect to invest in a website project?

Assuming the content on your site or portfolio is somewhat accurate and just needs a thorough scrub, your teams time commitment should be no more than 8 – 16 hours over the course of a project.  Of course, this estimate is dependent upon the number of attorneys and existing content.

Our process and experience working with law firms allows us to be very efficient with our client’s time and keep the cost of a website update down

Most projects we do have a significantly lower investment in client time and costs.

Our client’s will attest, we know what we are doing and provide exceptional value versus their total investment.

We posted some thoughts on approaching these types of projects in a recent series.  They are all quick reads and contain several points that apply to most website update projects.

You can read the series from the links below:

Contact us for a complimentary website analysis.  We will analyze your site in detail, identify opportunities to enhance/differentiate your design and content, and be prepared to discuss cost and budget estimates.

We typically request a 20 to 30-minute call to present your customized analysis findings.

As time permits, we will also visit example sites to help you visualize what we are recommending.  We will also typically visit some of your favorite sites as well to get a feel for what meets your eye.

We are biased, but the information you receive in these presentations, whether you choose to work with us or not, is worth your 30-minute time investment.

Contact us now to schedule your complimentary website analysis.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The ProfessionalWORX Team