Studies reveal a seismic shift has happened, with 51% of law firms and 60% of corporate legal departments currently using outsourced resources for legal work; Indicating that law firms are benefitting from outsourcing beyond the traditional Office Services staffing seen prevalent across the industry.

Thomson Reuters, Georgetown Law Center for the Study of the Legal Profession and the University of Oxford, Said Business School studied outsourcing trends in law firms and reported, “The Alternative Legal Service Study reveals a seismic shift that has already happened with 51% of law firms and 60% of corporate legal departments currently using Alternative Legal Service Providers for at least one type of service. And those numbers are expected to grow.”

We have had several postings lately about what time means to a law firm and how important it is to get some of that precious time back by using Outsourced Marketing resources to supplement your existing team.

Whether it be to support day-to-day Marketing efforts, or project related support, outsourcing makes practical and financial sense.

If firms are trusting billable legal work to outside personnel, it makes sense that marketing services/support should be considered for outsourcing.


As we have discussed several times, it all comes down to two important reasons:

1) An attorney, or senior admin personnel are typically the wrong tool for the job; and

2) Opportunity cost: There are real financial costs associated with key resources performing tasks that take them away from their primary functions.

Read more about this topic here: Do the Math!  Opportunity cost is real…

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Studies prove outsourcing make dollars and sense!

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