Your firm’s website is aesthetically pleasing and has solid content, but unfortunately it may not support mobile visitors, or is not “mobile responsive” (i.e.  the screen sizing changes depending on the type of device accessing the website.)

Well, if this is the case with your firm’s website, this is a problem that needs to be addressed for many reasons.

WHY?      Here are the two most important from our perspective:

First:  If your site is not mobile responsive, or you have a funky-clunky mobile client that is well, ugly, the visitors to your website notice it and leave.  Or, if they do not leave the site, they have a VERY frustrating experience trying to read the data they came to your site for.

Not a great first impression!

Second:  For some firms that rely on individuals searching to find their firm, Google is rolling out a change in its algorithm in 2018, placing more emphasis on the mobile aspects of a website.

If your site does not function well from a mobile device, your ranking will drop.  In most cases, like a rock!

Click here and See if your site passes the Google Test for mobile responsiveness.

Oh, and we are not just making much ado about nothing with this coming change.  Below are links to recent articles worth reviewing about mobility and the importance of having a responsive design.

The first two articles do a great job of explaining the upcoming changes in non-techie language, but then revert to tech speak, but you will likely get the gist.

The other is an older post from Google’s blog, and it highlights their plan for the coming changes and why.

Straight-forward language and a guide for all:

This article outlines the issue in lay terms:

From the Google tech blog:

When is the change going to be in place?  Hard to say, but the pundits are saying the change will be rolling out in 2018.  Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Gary Illyes, pinpointed 2018 as the likely deployment year for the mobile-first index during a conference session in June 2017.

So, safe to say it will be happening in the coming months.

If you failed the Google test above, it will important to address this issue in the not-too-distant future.

If you have any questions after reading this, please contact us to review your results. It will be time well spent!

We would be happy to share our ideas, options for your site, and the potential cost of doing a technology update that will support mobility and comply with the Google plans for change.