Many clients are fearful of the time commitment for updating their website.  Based on our years of experience, we take this to heart.  Our process was built upon the foundation that less is more for our clients when it comes to their time investment.

The Process:  Essentially there are 5 distinct phases in our process and optimally each phase takes roughly 3 – 7 business days (elapsed time) to complete, depending upon firm size and competing initiatives.

  1. Design Review: Review of multiple design ideas/treatments
  2. Content Update/Review:  Existing data is pulled together and reformatted for internal review and update.
  3. Design Acceptance:  A mock-up of the design decisions are presented for acceptance.
  4. Development:  The mock-up design is finalized and page development proceeds.  Check-points built in to ensure final product is as expected.
  5. Review/Edits:  Typically two rounds of edits are planned/budgeted.

The chart below details the actual time spent by clients, by phase, by firm size.

Note that there are ranges as each client project has their own nuances.  Also, some projects landed outside these ranges, but were anomalies either based on scope, or project changes.

 1 – 5 Attys.

 6 – 10 Attys.

Time Investment (Hours)

Time Investment (Hours)

Task Description


High Avg. Low High Avg.
Design Review            1.00       1.50      1.25       1.00      1.50      1.25
Content Update/Review            0.75       1.00      0.88       2.00      3.00      2.50

Design Accept

1.00 1.50 1.25 1.50 2.00


Development                –       0.50       0.25       0.50       0.75       0.63
Review/Edits            0.75       1.00       0.88       1.00       2.50       1.75
Total            3.50       5.50       4.50       6.00       9.75       7.88
 11 – 20 Attys.  20 – 35 Attys.
Time Investment (Hours) Time Investment (Hours)
Task Description Low High Avg. Low High Avg.
Design Review            1.50       2.00      1.75       2.00       3.00      2.50
Content Update/Review            1.00       2.00      1.50       4.00       7.00      5.50
Design Accept            2.00       2.50      2.25       2.50       3.50      3.00
Development            0.75       1.00      0.88       1.00       2.00      1.50
Review/Edits            2.50       3.00      2.75       3.00       5.00      4.00
Total            7.75      10.50      9.13      12.50      20.50     16.50

The reason our process is so efficient for our clients is directly related to the depth of information we cover up-front in the discovery and sales processes.  You are working with your project management personnel, as well as, or in addition to, a sales person.

By the time we have properly scoped and estimated the project, we jointly have a solid idea of what the design and end product will look like, what data requires update/rewrite, and how we will approach getting input from the attorneys on their CV’s (can be challenging…)

Our projects are short in elapsed time duration as well, as we do not move on to the next phase until the current phase is complete, or milestones have been achieved (in some cases, phases are designed to overlap.)

Hopefully this information allays prospects fears about time commitment.

Next, we can tackle costs by firm size, which is a whole nother kettle of fish.

The good news is we are typically much more affordable than the other vendors focusing on legal, and not too much more expensive than the low-cost leaders without legal experience.

Our process and experience with law firms allows us to be very efficient with your time and save you money.

Our client’s will attest, we know what we are doing and provide exceptional service/value for your investment.

Contact us for a complimentary website analysis.  We will:

  • Analyze your site in detail;
  • Identify opportunities to enhance/differentiate your design and content; and
  • Provide a solid timeline and budget estimate.

We typically request a 30-minute call to present your customized analysis findings.  As time permits, we will also visit example sites to help you visualize what we are recommending and gauge your reactions.

Whether you choose to work with us or not, the information you receive in these presentations is worth your 30-minute time investment.

Contact us now to schedule your complimentary website analysis.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The ProfessionalWORX Team