The selections below include both original and curated content supporting why it is so critical for Professional Services Firms to effectively execute a digital marketing strategy.

Numbers Never Lie… Right???

First off, I am all about diversity, and not just in the workplace, but in life.  So, this exercise was not undertaken to dispel the results, but to whet my curiosity and being a data person, those reported numbers just seemed off…

So, I went off on a run down a rabbit hole (for more hours than I care to admit, smile…) and have found some very positive data point trends underlying these numbers worthy of sharing

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Effective Marketing Tactics on a Budget: Three Pillars of Success

Successful marketing tactics that do not require investing a significant amount of time or money… Heck yeah, I want some of that!

Read the first of a four-part series on enhancing your marketing results without breaking the bank, and as important, without a massive investment of your billable resources time.

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Get the most from your Marketing efforts: Focus on tactics vs. strategy

Get tactical to ensure short and longer-term financial success and profitability

Many external marketing companies want you to invest in hours and hours and hours of time discussing branding strategies, brand development, customer experience scenario planning, or developing go-to-market plans for the incubation of obscure practice areas, blah, blah, blah!

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Burning Website Update Questions

Two key factors in every decision: 1) How much of my time will it eat up? and 2) What is a fair cost?

We have talked ad nauseam about the importance of having a website that is current, attractive and built on “Mobile Friendly” technology. It does not take a rocket scientist to either

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Active listening skills translate to success, until they don’t

One of our best attributes is being able to closely listen to our clients desires and translate them to results, but sometimes it just doesn’t work…

Word choice is incredibly important when discussing your wants and desires with vendors, or any one for that matter. Especially important though when working with vendors that bill by the hour.

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Are you behind in your non-client related to-do list?

Notice there is no mention of “Marketing Plan”, as evidently this is not a generally accepted concept for many attorneys/law firms. We are now 2 months into 2018 and most firms are behind in their plans to do things differently this year…

Why? Well, there are multiple reasons for this. Let’s break several of them down into the 2 groups we see all the time:

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