What We Do

Website Design and Development

Having years of experience working in and consulting to law firms and other professional service firms, we understand the importance of the professional’s time. Our process minimizes the professional’s involvement and maximizes their time investment to ensure any time they spend with our team either in discovery, or review is productive.

We have a clear and consistent process we follow in all projects to ensure a minimum of disruption and a quality end product.

Marketing Communications Support


We offer a variety of services in this category.  From ensuring the proper technology platform is in place, to distributing the end result of the content creation process and updating to your website.

The ProfessionalWORX team will develop a support process which meets your specific needs.

Database Management


The value derived from any marketing or CRM database is dependent upon the quality of the data.  Our support services in this area run the gamut from initial set-up of the database to ongoing management and upkeep.

The level of service we provide is completely dependent on the level of support you require to keep your data current and up to date.

CRM Support


The ProfessionalWORX team has 20+ years experience in CRM support.  We have used, developed and implemented systems for all size law firms and other professional service firms.

We understand each form has unique needs, requirenents and that these is not a “One-Size-Fits-All” approach.  Our services include: readiness analysis, goals/requirements definition, selection, and implementation.

Project Management


Based on our years of experience, we understand that at the core of any successful project is strong project management.

Whatever your project entails, there will always be a detailed plan and structure followed to ensure the end result is known and achieved, on-time and on-budget, wherever possible.