We talk to firms every day that have a serious need to update their website, but don’t pull the trigger on making a decision.

Why? Here are the Top 5 reasons we come across!

1) They are too busy: This is by far the number one reason firms delay a decision.  They see the website as a huge potential time investment and it is far easier to put off a decision for that future point in time when the stars align and they have time to focus on the project and be involved in every bit of minutia required to build a new website.

Guess what? If you work with a firm like ours, that has intimate knowledge of law firms, your time investment is minimal.

Further Guess What?  We don’t necessarily need (or want for that matter) you involved in the day-to-day aspects of doing a website update.  We focus on limiting your time investment and structure the project for you to essentially act as a project advisor.

Optimally, your time is spent in the following ways:

  • Initial discussions: We lead you through a discussion that is focused and results in determining key requirements, potential design ideas and specific requirement that require your attention.
  • Design Acceptance: Based on the initial discovery, we develop several mock-ups of how the site will look and you choose the one that best fits your firm, culture and areas of practice.
  • Content Review: This part is simple. We provide you with the attorney CV’s, Practice Descriptions and General Overview information in document formats (MS Word) that make it easy to review, mark-up and revise.
  • Acceptance: There are typically two iterations of live review of the new website. We review the site together and make required adjustments.

It is that simple.

Most firms invest no more than 10 – 15 hours in total throughout the course of one of our website projects. Also, most clients enjoy the fruits of the investment in less than 4 – 6 weeks.

2) It is going to cost too much: This is relative to each firm’s budget and available capital.  Website investment has changed dramatically in the last 3 – 5 years.  With the tools and technology available today, and most importantly, how websites function, the cost of doing a website is nominal when compared to the cost of doing nothing.

Getting a new website will not break your bank. We provide clear options and details of the costs to create a site that fits your needs and budget.

3) Nobody visits the site anyway:  For some firms this may be true.  However, when someone does visit your site, especially if it is not mobile friendly or mobile responsive, you may never understand the real cost of not updating your site, because 1) they don’t stick around; and 2) you never hear from them again, so never know they were there in the first place.

We can put systems in place to track visitors and what they looked at, providing you the ability to really understand your website traffic and why.

4) We don’t have to market our services:  For many firms, the website has no impact on their ability to generate cases/matters.  For those of you that fall into this category…  Great for you!  But what about those times when people visit your site and get a false impression of your firm based upon the dated look, lack of updated information and functionality of viewing information in your website?

This may be a referral or referral partner that values a clean functioning website. Today’s buyers are fickle and make snap decisions about a company based on their website.

5) Not sure where to start:  This one is easy, WE DO!  Our process works and delivers great results.

All you need to do is let us drive and we guarantee your you will arrive at your destination, quickly and affordably.

Hopefully, this information was helpful and resonates at some level. Don’t let these concerns get in the way of moving forward. 

Contact us today to review what it will take to have a new website your firm can be proud of!