Well the first half of 2017 was in a word “interesting” to say the least.  New governmental leadership, worldwide philosophical debate, economic uncertainty, and a general sense of global unease is prevalent.

So much change, but in your little corner of the microcosm, is it all that different?

How is your business doing?

First half is done.  Nothing you can do will change the results except for ensuring your June bills get out the door and you are on top of collecting that revenue.

Some questions for you and your firm to answer:

  • How were your first half results?
  • Did your firm execute on individual attorney and firm marketing plans?
  • Did you even have a plan in place to drive better financial results?
  • Did you do the same thing expecting different results?
  • Are you ready, or even willing, to do something different to improve your results in the future?

The last three questions can be tough for some to answer honestly.

Many firms come together in the first quarter to talk about driving new revenue and enhancing profitability.  Charging forward with great resolve and anticipation of the exciting changes to come.

However, the exigencies of the moment, client demands, or just not knowing where to start or what to do next get in the way of taking positive actionable steps.

It’s not too late to enhance your second half results and create an opportunity to start 2018 off with a strong plan to improve your results.

It’s not rocket science for most firms.  You just need to take positive actions to implement an overall marketing plan.

This is where we can help.  We do not have all the answers, but what we can do is help you put in place key building blocks and the foundation for implementing successful marketing strategies.

It starts with three very simple steps:

First off, you need to define what it is that you do well as a firm.  Identify the type of work that generates the best results, while providing challenging and exciting work for your attorneys.  You might think you inherently understand this, but we recommend you dig into the numbers for a deeper analysis of your individual practices and strengths as a firm.

From here you should have a pretty solid idea of what is working, and just as important, what is not working.  You may find opportunities in your current client base to cross market other areas.  This will not only add value to your clients, but also ensure better long-term retention, while dramatically reducing your firm’s cost of sales.

Based on this analysis, you should also find a general theme and underlying message of your firm’s unique strengths to take to market.

Secondly, take an inventory of your marketing assets.  Does your website deliver the proper impression you want clients and prospects to have about your firm? When is the last time the website had a “good scrub” to ensure the data is current and technically supports how your visitors want to engage and use the available data?

Does it look professional?  Does it differentiate you from others?  Prospects will make a snap judgement about your firm based on the first 20 seconds they spend on your website.

Updating your website can be completed with a minimal investment of your time/resources and will generate a strong return on investment.  It truly is a foundational element.

Do you have the right marketing collaterals?  One pagers you can fire out at will describing your strengths.  Practice descriptions that are meaningful, highlighting specifics where you can assist clients and prospects.

Are you taking time each week and month to generate thought leadership and get that message in front of clients and prospects?  This is a fundamental piece of the marketing success continuum.

Lastly, you just need to do it.  We talk with clients every day who desire better results, but just cannot commit to changing it up, as they are stuck in their comfy little zone of complacency, unwilling to break out and take some risk to do something different.

There are many great quotes out there by inspirational speakers and professional athletes professing the need to take risks and put ourselves in uncomfortable positions to support breaking through those unseen boundaries and barriers to success.

They compel us to understand that real change will only come when we stop fearing failure, but to intellectually embrace that fear and nervous anticipation of the unknown, by taking bold steps to do something different.

In closing:  Are you willing to take three simple steps to take charge and “change it up” for future success?

If so, then go forward and:

  • Take a deep look at your practice, what you want to do, and define your message;
  • Ensure your marketing materials align and are solid; and
  • Take positive actions on a regular basis: Daily, weekly, monthly.

If you take these three actionable steps, you can be guaranteed of positive results in some form.

Most importantly, you will have started to lay your foundation for future success, and be positioned to implement further strategies to enhance your firm’s profitability, and hopefully in the process, challenging yourself professionally.

We are here to help!  As we said early on, we do not have all the answers for your firm, but we do know how to push you by asking the right questions.  When you ask the right questions, the tough questions, the answers become obvious.

Click the button below and contact us to discuss how we can help drive your business, professional growth, and begin the process of taking positive actionable steps on a regular basis.

​The ProfessionalWORX Team

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