You’ve looked at your website and realized it does not pass the mirror test (click here if you have not taken the test and read the related post.)

So what now? Well, you have options:

  • A completely new site;
  • Cosmetic makeover; or
  • Just update dated info.

There are probably other options like “Do Nothing”, but you’re a progressive thinker that knows having an oldy-moldy website does not reflect well on your firm.

The good news is whichever of the three routes you choose, if you do it with a strong partner (DUH… That would be us, smile…), you will be in better shape than where you are today!

The better news is redoing a website today is far easier and more cost effective than ever before.

If you decide to redo your site, from our perspective, two critically important considerations are:

  1. Who are we building this site for?
    • Other law firms?
    • Existing Clients?
    • Prospects?
  2. Where do we get our current business?
    • Other law firms?
    • Existing Clients?
    • Prospects?

The answers to those two questions will be very important as you consider requirements for the new site.

For most firms, the answers are “All of the Above”. When you dig a bit deeper into who will visit your site and how, this will drive how your site needs to support mobility and whether a significant investment in SEO is required.

There are many other Do’s & Don’ts we will be writing about over the next few weeks, but a focus on getting solid answers to those two questions and some level of consensus from around the firm will go a long way to a successful website update project!

The ProfessionalWORX Team