So, you’ve just been referred to a company for a product or service. What is the first thing you do?  Most of us, and like a 1,000% of Millennials, will check out the company’s website, either on the spot from their phone, or later from their work place or home.

Ok – Now it is your law firm that has been referred…

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock… Within 5 – 20 seconds, your new referral will make an inference about you and your firm based upon their “website visiting experience.”

What people see elicit feelings and an emotional response. Was the experience:

  • Inviting?
  • Did it breed confidence?
  • Did it make them feel safe?
  • Did it provide a sense of quality?
  • Did they easily find what they came for?

Or, was it just really frustrating because:

  1. They could not easily navigate from their mobile device;
  2. They had to wade through a bunch of fluff before NOT finding what they needed; and
  3. The site looked like it had not been updated in years.

Set aside their initial frustration for now and let’s review the emotional response angle.

Most people do not look for a law firm when everything is peachy.

Typically, they have experienced a “life or work event” that threatens them or their business at some level.

Their fears are heightened and expectations of loss will drive their initial perception/impression of what they can expect from your firm.

What you need to deliver in that initial experience is what your clients/prospects are looking for!

Think about why you spent so much on that reception area, or conference room… To make an impression right!!!

Each firm is different in what they do. Put yourself in their shoes…

As a prospect, what do I want when I engage my law firm?  Is it?

  • A warm fuzzy blanket to land on;
  • A velvet hammer, or maybe just a really large hammer without the velvet;
  • A view from the ivory tower;
  • A get out of jail free card; or
  • Just someone that understands my situation.

Many times, the answer may be “All of the above.”

Your firm’s website needs to deliver the right first impression.  So, test your own “visit experience”.

If you are not satisfied with the results, we would appreciate the opportunity to share our experience.

Please contact us for a complimentary website analysis.  We look forward to speaking to you!

The ProfessionalWORX Team