So, in prior posts, we may have beaten the “Why to Outsource” topic to death. See them Here, Here & Here.

However, never being one to miss an opportunity to drill home a point, we covered:

Opportunity Cost: If you are not engaged in activity that involves either working for, or trying to get, a client, you are losing money for your firm;

The Wrong tool for the job: You are either under, or over-qualified for any marketing task you attempt to take on.  So, again losing money for your firm.  (with the lone exception of writing thought leadership content and showing your very visible expertise)

The Cost of Doing Nothing: This is a biggee!  You must be consistent in your marketing activities and if you are the center of the universe for getting stuff done, well nothing happens, because you are using client work as an excuse for not getting critical tasks completed.

This is what we refer to as — The Double Whammy — Marketing stuff gets pushed to the side, other admin tasks rear their ugly head, profits are impacted and strategic tasks are not addressed, further impacting profitability.  The vicious cycle continues…

You know you need to market your firm consistently to grow your business, ensure sustainability and have a strong succession plan.


To name some things you as a senior attorney, or administrator, should not be touching:

  • Researching, Selecting or Implementing marketing technologies;
  • Newsletter Design
  • Website Anything (other than a high-level review)
  • Data management
  • Data Collection
  • Data Anything
  • A First Draft of Anything
  • Creating or Sending Marketing Materials
  • Designing Anything

Is the picture becoming clearer?

Your role is to set the overall direction (with the support of an outside professional if applicable), ensure the timeline is attained and write the checks.

Other than those tasks, if you are involved beyond your areas of expertise, you are costing your firm money and impacting the success of the initiative.

Make Sense? Good!

So, I think you likely know the answer to “When is the right time to Outsource?”

Now is the time to Act!

Yes, Like RIGHT NOW…

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However, to truly have maximized the profitability of your firm and the success of your marketing initiatives, the time to act was a while ago…

It’s not too late…

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