Results from yet another survey profess the importance of email marketing to businesses. There were 625 survey respondents from professional service firms and 65% of the respondents were Director level or above.

Here are 5 key takeaways from the survey that law firms need to read, and get behind, (or in front of):

  1. 77% agreed that email is an important part of their marketing strategy.
  2. 78% agreed, or were neutral, that the ROI of email was easy to prove
    • Email as a marketing channel demonstrates consistently high ROI. The Digital Marketing Association found in 2015 that it had the highest ROI of any channel (A $39 return for every $1 spent, yes that’s a 3,900% return on investment.)
  3. Email is still a core tool in marketing’s arsenal and a bigger install user base than Social Networking sites for the professional services vertical.
  4. 98% of millennials check their personal email at least every few hours at work, while almost 87% of millennials check their work email outside of work.
  5. Email is “perfect as a tool that drives response” and is “great at delivering targeted/personalized messaging”.

So why aren’t more law firms investing in email marketing as a core part of the budget???

Well, these stats from the survey (and our translations) are telling:

  • 89% agreed content creation is a vital part of the marketing mix
    • (translated as: Who will create the articles?)
  • 75% say the collection and use of data feature highly on the marketing priority list
    • (translated as: Who will gather the contacts and keep them current?)
  • 40% said they are under-confident they have the technology skills in-house to run effective email campaigns
    • (No translation required)

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There were also a couple of stats that from our perspective are just excuses for not investing in email marketing:

  • 47% agreed, or were neutral, that clients did not like getting email from them; and
  • 49% agreed, or were neutral, that automation may produce communications that seem impersonal.

So yes, some firms have concerns about their ability to effectively execute a consistent email marketing campaigns… AND they should, but just know that firms that do not participate in email marketing are missing out on a great opportunity to drive revenue with a minimal investment.

Just do the math…

Start with breakeven investment point of generating one new matter/client.  (If you are math impaired, call us.  We can assist.)

This is where we can help you bury the excuses and begin reaping the benefits of a consistent execution of your marketing strategy, of which email campaigns need to be at the core.

Contact us for a short discussion on how we can support your firm with our outsourced technology and marketing support team. We can DO THE MATH together.  It’s a no-brainer!

The survey was developed jointly by two leading vendors in the email marketing space (Digital Doughnut and DotMailer) and some of the questions were “email slanted”.  However, if you analyze the key responses, this slant does not tarnish the validity of the results.

Translated:  Email marketing campaigns are positive and generate great ROI.

Read more from us on this and other topics here!  We look forward to talking with you.

The ProfessionalWORX Team