The selections below include both original and curated content supporting why it is so critical for Professional Services Firms to effectively execute a digital marketing strategy.

Outsourcing: The New Black

Studies reveal a seismic shift has happened, with 51% of law firms and 60% of corporate legal departments currently using outsourced resources for legal work; Indicating that law firms are benefitting from outsourcing beyond the traditional Office Services staffing seen prevalent across the industry.

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Lions and Tigers and Time Commitment… Oh MY!

Many clients are fearful of the time commitment for updating their website. Based on our years of experience, we take this to heart. Our process was built upon the foundation that less is more for our clients when it comes to their time investment.

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Time: Your most precious resource

Time is what makes a law firm tick. How a firm uses this most precious resource ultimately defines a firm’s success, or failure, in maximizing profitability.

For attorneys and key admin staff, using their time for tasks “outside of their lanes” is the root problem for many firms. People try to save money for the firm, but in reality, there are inherent costs that outweigh any benefit.

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Competitive Bid Analysis

Your firm needs a website update.

How do you know if you are getting a good deal? or Selecting the right vendor? Here’s how:

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Attorney Micro-Sites: Fad or New Standard?

I was “thumbing through” a variety of legal prognosticators forecasts/views preparing to do a hatchet job on their lack of vision, when an article from early 2011 caught my eye.

The website vendor made some grandiose blah, blah, blah… statements about where the industry will be going and how a firm’s website will be critical in supporting the new business development paradigm, replacing face-to-face business development.

From our perspective, swinging and missing on almost all points, with one very important exception…

Attorney Microsites… They got that one right!

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It’s time to think about the Holiday Season

Seems a little crazy doesn’t it… Well if you are not thinking about it, you probably you should be!

Generalizing here, but so many times we have the greatest of intentions to for doing something special, but unfortunately, the exigencies of the day get in the way, time slips by and you are left running around at the last-minute settling for something that could have been done at a much higher-level of quality had the project been given proper focus and attention.

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Rush to Judgement

Visitors and Prospects will make a snap decision about your firm in the first 20 seconds. Think about that! Scary, huh!

Think about your own reactions when visiting other websites. Now, go to your website and answer the survey questions below:

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