The selections below include both original and curated content supporting why it is so critical for Professional Services Firms to effectively execute a digital marketing strategy.

The first thing noticed…

Referred by someone trusted, the professional candidate boasted a great resume, lots of experience, but the first thing noticed was the well-worn facade. Despite the great resume and hard fought experience, this professional is passed over…

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Outsourcing Marketing Tasks Series: Opportunity and Cost of Doing Nothing

Whether you are a senior attorney or law firm administrator, there are opportunity costs every time you take on a tactical task, rather than investing your time in strategic work.

We work with clients all the time where senior people become the bottleneck for getting projects completed, or just getting core tasks finished. Let’s face it, you have more important tasks to do than format a newsletter, update contacts, review status of projects, etc.

And there is a real cost… not just opportunity.

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Outsourcing Marketing Tasks Series: Why, What, & When!

In a prior post, we discussed the types of tasks prime for being outsourced to save time, money and in many cases, enhance the quality of the output. This series will dig a bit deeper and provide some real-life scenarios that should strike a chord for many of you taking the time to read this.

WHY SHOULD I OUTSOURCE? Let’s first agree on 3 undeniable truths:

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Visual emotive response: How do your referrals react?

So, you’ve just been referred to a company for a product or service. What is the first thing you do? Most of us, and like a 1,000% of Millennials, will check out the company’s website, either on the spot from their phone, or later from their work place or home.

Ok – Now it is your law firm that has been referred… Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock… Within 5 – 20 seconds, your new referral will make an inference about you and your firm based upon their “website visiting experience.”

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Website Update Series: The Don’ts…

In case you missed the first two parts of the series, you can read the foundational piece here and the Website Update Do’s Here.

This post focuses on key things not to do when planning and executing your website update. The first few may make you delete the post and point a finger in our general direction, but hang in there please. So here goes…

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Outsourcing marketing tasks makes sense for law firms! Facts to back it up…

Obviously, our business and livelihoods depend upon Law Firms using our services, and some can shout, “Fake News….”, in that we twist the facts to our own benefit, but these facts are irrefutable. For firms that want to enhance their marketing, but do not have bodies, process, or infrastructure to do so, this discussion series/article is for you…

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Important Website Do’s…

From our perspective, below are some important Do’s that should be followed when focusing on a website update, so your investment does not turn into… well a pile of ­­________! (you can fill in the blank, smile…)

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Failed the Mirror Test… What now?

If you decide to redo your site, from our perspective, two critically important considerations are:

1.Who are we building this site for? and
2.Where do we get our current business?

The answers to those two questions will be very important as you consider requirements for the new site.

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